Skin Survival Guide Through the Holidays and Winter

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Facial Massage and Lymphatic Drainage
Facial Massage & Lymphatic Drainage

Each person’s skin is an indicator and tells a story of what is happening inside you. Absolutely everything in our bodies is interconnected and intertwined forming a complete system. Everything we eat, drink, inhale and come into contact impacts how we feel and how we look. That’s why when we talk about perfect complexion, it all starts within.

If everything we put in our bodies affects our skin, how are we to contend with the indulgences we all partake during the holiday season? Here are some tips to maintain beautiful healthy skin through the holidays:

  1. There will be days of indulgence. Enjoy them. However, everything in moderation. Following indulgences, stick with healthy meals made from clean natural foods. Also, always maintain good hydration. Even with consumption of alcohol, do not stop drinking water. Also, skin loves greens (the darker the better) – remember it.
  2. Choosing the correct moisturizer – look for good thick consistency, make sure it’s not too watery. The best way to prevent aging is to keep your skin hydrated all year round. If you’re not sure what is the best moisturizer for your skin type (there is no “one size fits all.”), schedule a personalized skin assessment with me and I’ll advise you on what will best serve your needs.
  3. It is very important not to overuse scrubs or exfoliants with particles; products with any Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), like glycolic, lactic, malic, mandelic, tartaric and citric acids; Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) – salycilic; and any vitamin A derivative ingredients, like retinol and tretinoin. Listen to your skin. If it feels dry, taught, flaky and red, this is indicative of overuse. Give your skin some rest from these potent ingredients.
  4. Please, consider a creamy cleanser in winter. In order to properly clean your skin you don’t have to experience squeaky clean sensation. Skin has good bacteria on the surface that keeps its PH balanced and prevents it from being irritated, sensitized, red and dry. One major rule of thumb for most skin types is to clean your face with the cleanser only ONCE a day, at night before you go to bed. Water in the morning is plenty for your skin. After a night’s sleep, your skin didn’t get dirty. In fact your skin produces healthy oils at night, which is very beneficial for your beauty.

Last, but not least, professional skin treatments are not merely to correct unhealthy skin. Skin & Beyond serves you because you deserve to be pampered and to have beautiful healthy glowing skin. You deserve beauty. We all do!

Happy holidays and love thy skin!

Yours in Beauty & Health,