Facial Massage & Lymphatic Drainage

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Facial massage
The Benefits of Facial Massage

Facial massage is the most underrated treatment the aesthetic market offers. Human face consists of twenty facial muscles most of which are overused, tensed up and are hardly ever stretched. Once the muscle is continuously used without being released it becomes spasmic, which, in turn, prevents normal blood flow and oxygen supply and the whole area suffers malnutrition because of that. As a result, the muscle becomes denser and smaller, and skin starts to sag.

Facial massage has different techniques that requires skilled licensed professional to get the most benefits.

One of the most popular facial massages today is lymphatic drainage. There are around 600 lymph nodes in a human body, almost half of them are in the neck, chest and armpits.

The job of lymphatic system is to eliminate toxins and damaged cells. When our lymphatic system gets sluggish it means our immune system is compromised and it doesn’t do its job optimally and our body starts retaining lots of fluid. As a result, our faces, abdomen and extremities get swollen.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a special technique helping the body and lymph nodes to reset and start working to their fullest potential.

Ancient tools like facial cupping and guasha are extremely useful when utilized in the massage. They help “waking the lymph nodes up” and move fluid out.

The benefits are instantaneous resulting in more contoured face, toned skin with smooth texture and healthy glow. Lymphatic drainage facial massage helps reduce double chin, firm up turtle neck, smooth out fine lines, strengthen your capillaries and release tension in the face that results in a tired look. It’s extremely relaxing, helps your skin and your nervous system recharge and function at its best.

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